Your Event is Not Complete Without Princess Parties and Productions

Elsa and Anna made an appearance this past weekend at Prana Yoga and Dance Studio and the little girls who attended were in awe to be able to meet and see their biggest idols perform live right in front of them! I have a little darling daughter who is three, and she loved every minute and has talked about it every day since. The interactive, entertaining performance put on by Princess Parties and Productions is going to be a tough act to beat.


The two performers did an absolutely fabulous job! They were amazing and the kids and adults loved them! Their voices were incredible and their acting abilities portrayed the real characters.


The event started off with a skit which included dancing, signing and interacting with the kids.

duck duck

The voices on these young women were beautiful and they reenacted movie scenes perfectly.


Then they got the kids up for a game of Olaf, Olaf, Sven (instead of duck, duck, goose).

group 3

A dance party/freeze dance session took place.


And of course a group hug.


And lots of pictures with the guests of honor.

The light in their eyes showed just how much the kids enjoyed this event. The two young women were so kind and warm to all of the kids. They are perfect for all types of events, but I think a princess birthday party would be such a hit. It would be the most memorable way to celebrate your daughter’s birthday and she would definitely earn the most popular party award among all of her friends.

They have performed our princess skits at malls, toy stores, preschools, and corporate events all around Northeast Ohio.

new 3

Here is a link to a video of them performing:

Website: and Facebook is:

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