Wonderful Window Décor Enhancement Concepts for Modern Spaces

Any kind of contemporary design requires thoughtful planning on the part of the architect and the designer. Just as there are a lot of aspects in designing a particular building type, the interiors and the exteriors also pay a very important role in it. As soon as you enter any room or any place you first notice its surroundings. Though you may not pay detailed attention to it, you subconsciously notice the interiors of the place. And by interiors, we don’t mean only the decorative part. A dominating aspect of any kind of room is that it should be properly ventilated and should have proper sunlight so that the overall atmosphere of the room remains positive and lively. And no guesses for this one, the windows in any kind of space is the pivotal factor in providing the required effect.

Your windows define the style of your home, and you can select windows or customize them accordingly to your design needs. Different types include:

  • Double hung windows-Have two different parts that can slide vertically in the up and down direction. They can open from either the top or the bottom. They are easier to maintain and provide superior ventilation.
  • Casement Windows-These windows are joined on one side on the wall of the building and open either to the left or the right. They are easy to operate. Also, they provide better security.
  • Awning windows-These windows are attached at the top and open outward to let the air in. They can be fixed alongside, above or below any other stationary window. Unlike the other typical windows, they can be installed higher up on the walls in conjunction with decorative wall panels and provide privacy and security.
  • Picture Window-This is a huge window that lets much light come in, and one can have the maximum view of the outdoors. They are cost effective and provide much natural light.
  • Slider Windows-They is the most popular ones in any design space. They have a window which can be pushed horizontally. They are the most popular in modern and contemporary design space.
  • Stationery Windows-They do not open but can be customized to any shape or angle which you desire. They are normally used in modern style design spaces along with operating windows. They can be easily installed along with different options.

Along with that, there are many types of window treatments also available:

  • Wooden Blinds-Wooden Blinds are the standard window treatments as they complement different types of styles and are very easy to operate. Some examples of them are the pine and the bamboo.
  • Faux Wood Blinds-As you can get from the name they are similar to wooden blinds but are not made of wood. They are affordable than the wooden blinds and do not fade or tatter. They also last longer and are less expensive.
  • Shutters-Shutters have functional value and also enhance the overall décor of your home. They modulate the incoming light, provide privacy when needed and also protect against cold, heat and sound. They make the overall room look sophisticated.
  • Solar Shades-The biggest use of these kinds of window enhancements is that they are energy-efficient and make use of the natural resources (the sun) and thus help to reduce the energy bills. They are shades which are made of screen material.
  • Roller Shades-They are quite simplistic in their operation. When you want the light to come in you can simply hang them up or roll them and when you do not want the light to come in you can simply suspend them in line with the window pane. Roller shades are made with a variety of fabrics such as sheer, linen, along with many other different patterns. What’s more, now technology had become that you can print images, photos or design of your own to add a more personal touch. The biggest advantage is that roller shades are very easy to use and are comparatively less costly.


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