Winter Blues?


I looked out my window this morning and saw that it snowed AGAIN today! Living in Ohio, we all know what winter is like and what to expect each year, but sometimes it seems like the snow will never end. Some years are colder than others and some years we get less snow, but it’s usually about the same. Everyone goes into hibernation mode (at least a little bit) as the days get shorter and the sun makes an appearance less frequently. It’s fun to see snowflakes around the holidays and then it becomes not as festive through January, February, and even into March and sometimes April. Our skin loses color and starts to dry out a bit from the cold weather. Moisturizing lotion is a MUST! Sometimes we find ourselves popping a vitamin D supplement since our bodies are lacking the vitamin we intake naturally when the sunlight is bright and shining. It’s easy to sleep in because it’s still dark when you wake up.

But then the days start getting longer and longer again. The next thing you know it is light out when you wake up and still light out when you leave work in the evening. The temperature slowly starts to rise as the relentless snow begins to melt and winter comes to an end. We try to fit in those last ski sessions, build one last snow man, and keep hope for that one last snow day off of school or work. We enjoy lighting the fireplace a few more times because it looks so pretty and sets such a warm, inviting ambiance in our home. We think about how spring is right around the corner and how the changing of the season breaks the monotony.

Winter Blues? Let’s appreciate these last snow falls. It can be so beautiful and peaceful. Winter is what really makes us appreciate all of the other seasons that much more.

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