Whiffer Sniffers – The Next Big Thing!


Have you heard of Whiffer Sniffers? Quick visit their site now and check out these adorable deliciously scented plush backpack clips! Whiffer Sniffers ($6.99) have become the “It Toy” for kids who collect. Voted Most Wanted Collectible by Time To Play Magazine, these 4” wonders are the coolest thing that kids can have hanging from their backpack or sports bag! Plus they pass the smell test – from popcorn to gingerbread. This cute little guys remind me of scratch-n-sniff stickers back in the 80’s.

My son loves backpack clips so he went absolutely crazy for these. He brought them into school and his classmates loved them! There was a lot of talk about trade deals but Sean was going to hang on to all these little guys. We received the Series 4 characters which were all great! I now have a grocery list of other characters I need to purchase immediately!


Whiffer Sniffers clips quickly become collectibles as each Series is rolled out and styles are retired. Series 1 contained 12 different characters. In 2017, 11 styles will be introduced in two phases, with 6 new styles available in mid-February including Sour Saul, a sour apple and Izzy Sodalicious, a fizzy grape soda. Then in early April, Series 4, Part 2 collectibles hit store shelves or can be found online at WhifferSniffers.com.

With Easter coming up these would be an awesome Easter basket addition. They are perfectly sized and have an affordable price tag. So cut out some of the candy and add Whiffer Sniffers to your list.

A core product offering for fans of Whiffer Sniffers is their Mystery Packs. As their website explains, “some specially packaged backpack clip sized Whiffer Sniffers are rare editions and are available only in their own mystery package. Inside each mystery package you will find: either the rare special edition character that is pictured on the outside of its mystery package (lucky you!) or one of the other awesome regularly sold Whiffer Sniffer characters. If you’re super lucky you might find one of the super rare gold bag Sniffer Mixes.


Kids are lining up for Whiffer Sniffers!
• Take Whiffer Sniffers scented backpack clips anywhere! Their clip makes them easy to attach to your backpack, lunch bag or gym bag!
• Each adorable Whiffer Sniffers character has his own realistic scent. Their delicious scents last for over 1 year!
• Whiffer Sniffers backpack clips are the coolest new collectible for kids! Voted a most wanted toy by TTPM, named a top trend at N.Y. Toy Fair, awarded the Tillywig Sterling Fun award, and Creative Child Magazine’s 2016 Product of the Year award!

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