Video – Beauty Counter Cosmetics are AWESOME

My great friend, Angie Auvil, introduced me to Beauty Counter. I am always looking for new face products to try, but she sent me some samples and I fell in love with these products, which are made with the best ingredients!

She also sent me a sample of kids shampoo and conditioner to try, and I had to order some for my daughter. I try to find the best products for her without all of the harsh chemicals.

She also told me about their bronzer products, and I ordered a level 2 bronzer to get a darker glow now that I am losing any summer color I had as we move into fall.

I hope you enjoy the video of me sampling some of these awesome products!

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I love these products! The night cream and the eye cream are my favorite. The night cream made my skin feel tight and went on very smoothly without any strong perfumes or odors.
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This list is so helpful to know what ingredients to avoid:
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These are the two blushers featured in the video. They are awesome and blend in so evenly on your skin.
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More Beauty Counter products!
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