Valentine Box Ideas and Kids Exchange



My children’s preschool does not allow kids to bring in Valentine’s cards, or treats or anything! They do a Valentines craft that day (which is cool and I get it). A friend has suggested that this year some of the moms and kids will get together after school and have an old fashion Valentine’s Party. You know where you bring in your decorated valentines box and go around the room and put your cards in. I thought it was a cute idea and I am looking forward to the party next week. But it got me thinking what the hell is a Valentine’s box? I mean I have a vague idea but the last time I did that was probably 25+ years ago.

You can make all kinds of boxes. You can even glue paper plates together to make a little mail box out of them. I think I am going to go the easy route and take an existing box, like a shoe box or a kleenex box, and put a slit in it.

I have two boys 3, and 5, so I think we are going to make a manly valentine’s box, like a robot valentine box.

1. Paint two boxes silver. Depending on your paint and the designs on your boxes, you may need two coats. While your boxes and rolls are drying, you can cut out hearts or any decorations for your robot.

2. Glue the smaller box on top of the larger box to make a robot Valentine’s Day box. The smaller box is now the head, and the larger box is the body.

3. Glue or tape the arms to the box. You could use toilet paper rolls or any other robot arm design. You could even use pipe cleaners for arms. This is also an option, depending on how large your Valentine’s Day box is and how large the arms need to be.

4. Draw a face on your robot with a magic marker. Sharpie markers will probably work best, but any permanent marker will do. You can also use construction paper to make a face.

5. Glue or tape hearts or any other cutouts on your robot box to decorate it the way you want. Write your child’s nameon the box.

I am going to work on my robot valentine’s boxes these next two weeks and I will post our final version when it’s complete.

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