UnGlue Your Kids From Their Devices with This Clever App!

Are your kids addicted to their devices? In this day and age it’s hard not to be. Sometimes I will someone would unGlue me from my phone. Many companies have devised technology and apps to help parents control the amount of time kids spend online. unGlue has developed a service that helps kids develop their own best habits and smart choices for how much time they spend online within their parents’ defined boundaries.

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There is no denying that children have been glued to their screens for some time. Kids today spend an average of 6.5 hours per day in front of screens, outside of school activities! Starting at a very young age kids enjoy watching, playing and chatting — typically on multiple devices. That’s the new electronic reality. They watch YouTube, chat on Snapchat, like on Instagram, and build on Minecraft. Parents, on the other hand, want to limit the time they spend on those and balance it with other activities.

The simple-to-use service works across all devices including smartphones, tablets and computers without the need to install anything on any device! It also works whether kids are home or on the go. Parents create Internet schedules for each child (for example: Olivia can use the Internet between 6am and 10pm). Then, within those schedules, mom or dad can limit the amount of minutes each child can spend on videos, social media, and games each day. unGlue coins it “Entertainment Time.” When they run out of Entertainment Time, they can still access the Internet, do homework, listen to music, and check the weather. They just can’t watch anymore cat videos or chat until the next day.

Check out the two free apps: one for Parents and one for Kids. unGlue’s website is www.unGlue.com.

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With the single goal in mind, unGlue helps parents control the amount of time their children spend across ALL of their electronic devices, at home or phones. Once the child is unglued from their digital world, they are free to go ride a bike, spend quality time with mom or read a book (!) for pure pleasure.

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About unGlue
unGlue was founded in 2014 by Alon Shwartz and Alex Zherdev, two fathers who were tired of feeling helpless about what and how much content their kids consume online. Not only did they worry about their kids’ cognitive development and Internet safety, they were tired of the turmoil sparked by confiscating their children’s devices. The fact was, their kids couldn’t help themselves. Videos, games, and social media are designed to be addictive. They didn’t just want to control their kids’ online behavior — they wanted to transform it. Parents needed more than just online content blockers. They needed to feel confident their kids were prepared to handle a future with more technology, more screen time and more distractions. unGlue teaches the good habit of optimal yet limited screen within the boundaries defined by parents. Find the App on iTunes and Google Play stores.

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