Toughest Monster Truck Tour

We were so excited to check out the Youngstown leg of the Toughest Monster Truck Tour. We planned a full day around our outing to our neighboring city, beginning with a visit to the Oh Wow! Children’s Museum and a delicious dinner at the Magic Tree pub and eatery in Boardman. But the main event was to see the monster trucks! Having never seen a monster truck show myself, I think I was just as anxious to see trucks as my kids were!



Our Pit Passes allowed us to access the Covelli Center early. Pit Passes are FREE and were available for pick-up along with our regular tickets. This was a fantastic opportunity to get a sneak peek at all the trucks and to meet the drivers! Getting down on the floor with the trucks really “drives” home how big they are! The trucks towered around us as we walked on the hard-packed dirt floor. Substantial lines formed for some of the more popular trucks and drivers (like Bigfoot), so be sure to get there early if you want to meet your monster truck idols!



We were lucky to get to meet the Wheelie Wizard himself! He graciously signed the black-and-white checkered flags the kids insisted we buy when we entered the Pit Party. But speaking of souvenirs, if you forget to bring ear protection (and it does get loud), headphones are also available for purchase. I actually wish we had bought the headphones because the ear plugs I brought kept falling out of my kids’ ears.



Soon it was time for the main event! We got to our seats and the lights went down as the cars made their initial lap around the track. My kids were mesmerized from the start! And as I mentioned before, it got loud fast… which is just another exciting part of the experience.




The show began with competitions among the trucks, paired up in groups of two to take the track. Each truck got to strut its stuff and showcase its specialties. Bigfoot seemed to be a large favorite (read more about the history of this truck online), and it was clear to see why when this truck got started! Pictured here is Dirt Crew coming down after jumping a hill.




Here’s a shot of Bigfoot getting vertical!






After the first half of the show concluded and winners were determined for the initial round, and a short intermission, the crowd was treated to the arrival of Megasaurus, the 3-story tall, fire breathing, car eating mechanical dinosaur! This was a major highlight for our entire family, because who doesn’t like to see a giant mechanical dinosaur “eating” cars!




The final act of the show was the “freestyle” competition, where the cars demonstrated their power and amazing ability to jump over rows of cars. This is what we came to see when we decided to check out a Monster Truck show! The drivers did not disappoint. It was thrilling and exhilarating to see the impressive stunts and of course to hear – and feel! – the revving of the engines. Here’s a picture of Buckshot taking a leap.




For more information on a Toughest Monster Truck Tour show near you, and to learn more about the trucks and drivers visit the web site!


  1. Lindsay says:

    What a fun event!

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