Top Trumps Match Games and Card Games

Ah, winter. It’s the season of snow, which also means it is the season for SNOW DAYS. The once-loved unexpected holidays of my youth have been replaced with my wondering, “How am I going to keep the kids busy today?” Luckily, I’ve discovered Top Trumps match games and card games, which take all the guesswork out of entertaining kids on those bad weather, stay inside days!

The Top Trumps match game is a fun, two-person and two-sided strategy game. The object is to get five in a row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) of the same image, at which point you win! Unless… your partner overturns his or her two cards and one of them is the same image you just matched! At that point, you lose and the game starts over.

The game is designed for players age four and older, and my young ones were immediately intrigued. The game is contained in a slick plastic case, so it’s easily transportable and limits the mess of cards or game pieces scattered throughout the play room. We opted to try the Emoti version, which is Top Trumps form of the emojis we all know and love. It’s amazing to me that my two kids, who are well off from having their own cell phones, are already well acquainted with many of the most popular emojis!

The game, once opened, consists of five rows of blocks with different pictures of emotis on each side. In addition, a deck of cards features each of the emoti symbols on a different card. Players draw two cards at the beginning of the game and place them in the designated spot on their game board. The game then begins by a player pushing out the top left block to the other side. The other player then uses that block to push out another block to the first player’s side, all while beginning to create a row of a specific image.

My son enjoyed the strategy of lining up five in a row and counting the number of blocks in each row as well as throughout the game board, My daughter loved the illustrations of the emotis and got a kick out of all the faces. She even tried imitating a few of them! We initially played without the cards, just aiming to get a match, but later we added in the cards to give the game an unexpected twist.

This game is a lifesaver on rainy or snowy days when the activities are few and far between. Even better, it’s a game that runs itself and doesn’t require much parent intervention. It’s a helpful first game for small children who are learning through game play and starting to form strategic thinking skills.

For gamers a little older (six and up), check out the Top Trumps card games! These are perfect portable games to toss in your purse or backpack and can be played virtually anywhere by a wide number of players. This game is all about “one-upping” the other players by comparing stats across the cards. These come in a wide variety of topics and subjects. My family has the Top Trumps

Dogs: Who’s the Most Loveable? as well as the Top Trumps Cats: Who’s the most Mischievous? sets. It’s so much fun to sit together as a family and read from the cards, hoping that your stat from that round will “trump” all the others. My kids love it when they win a round and then get to collect everyone else’s cards. They hardly realize that they are learning interesting facts about animals while they do so!

Visit the Top Trumps web site to purchase either the match games or the card games. Until 12/31, use the code SWTT20 to get 20% off a purchase of three items! Games can also be purchased on

Want to see more? Here’s a fun and quick video that shows how to play Top Trumps Match! In addition, you can enter to win a match game or card game of your choice by commenting on this article! Simply leave a comment saying what your favorite movie was in 2017 and it will count as your entry to win!


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