Top 4 Attractions to Visit in Norway

From Oslo’s modern flare to endless snow-capped mountain peaks and scenic fjords. Norway offers visitors an incredible blend of cultural and natural wonders. Picturesque waterfronts, historic churches, and incredible hiking trails can be found in every corner. Norway’s capital city, Oslo, is a vibrant and modern metropolis, but the countryside is what most people are drawn to.

Take a trip to snowy mountains and stunning gorges. Or, explore the bustling nightlife of Norway’s largest cities. Below are four of Norway’s most unmissable attractions.

#4 Voringfossen
Norway’s most famous waterfall. Witness the cascading waves of water flow from the Hardangervidda plateau down to the valley of Måbødalen below. Voringfossen is located in the municipality of Eidfjord, in Hordaland. It has a free fall of 145 meters (476 feet) and a total fall of 182 meters (597 feet). Though not one of Norway’s higher waterfalls, it certainly ranks among its most picturesque. And it is certainly its most famous one.

The name Voringfossen is derived from the words vyrða (esteem, revere) and fossen, the finite form of foss (waterfall).

Drive to Voringfossen when you have the chance. Although, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not hike the way there?

#3 Nidaros Cathedral
The largest medieval structure in Scandinavia and possibly the most important church in Norway. Nidaros Cathedral was founded in 1066. Since then, it has been an important pilgrimage destination. Saint Olav, the King of Norway in the 11th century, is buried here. Saint Olav later became the patron saint of the country.

As a result of this, Nidaros Cathedral is traditionally where the consecration of the King of Norway takes place.

Olav’s Wake, a religious and cultural festival, also takes place at Nidaros Cathedral every year, on the anniversary of Saint Olav’s death.

#2 Lillehammer
The setting of Netflix original series Lilyhammer, which stars Steven Van Zandt. Lillehammer is a town in Oppland county. In its center is a concentration of idyllic wooden houses, built in the 19th century. This area enjoys a picturesque view of the northern part of Lake Mjosa and the Lagen river.

One of Norway’s most popular tourist destinations, Lillehammer has a bit of something for everyone. A history enthusiast? Visit the Maihaugen open-air museum. Love to ski? Then the Lysgardsbakkene ski jumping arena is for you. A connoisseur of fine art? Take a trip to the Lillehammer Art Museum. Another attraction is Peer Gynt’s Cottage, said to be the home of Ibsen’s famed hero.

Lillehammer hosted the 1994 Winter Olympics, and its list of winter-related activities is endless. Here, you and your friends or family can go on bobsled rides, sleigh rides, go skating or even try a skeleton run. Lillehammer is fantastic fun and has great sights too.

#1 Geirangerfjord
A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Geirangerfjord has become one of Norway’s most visited tourist sites. Found in the Stranda Municipality, Geirangerfjord has some of Norway’s most picturesque sights.

Along its sides lie a number of abandoned farms, some of which have been partially restored. Geirangerfjord is host to several impressive waterfalls. The two most notable ones are the Seven Sisters and the Suitor (or The Friar). The Seven Sisters owes its name to the seven separate streams that make up the waterfall. The tallest of these streams has a free fall of 250 meters (820 feet). While taking a sightseeing trip with a local guide is a must, try the Eagles’ Road if you’re driving. Be careful, though!

Interestingly enough, the scenic sights and views of the Geirangerfjord inspired much of the scenery in Disney’s Frozen.
Bonus destination: A museum about Viking ships!
If you’re visiting Norway or any part of Scandinavia for that matter, avoiding the Vikings is simply not in the cards. And honestly, why wouldn’t you want to learn more about them?
The Vikings are most famous nowadays as warriors, but they were also early masters of the seas. Their ships took them across the Atlantic Ocean, centuries before Christopher Columbus’ time. They also took them across the seas of Europe, where they conquered and pillaged many lands from the water.

The Viking Ship Museum in Oslo boasts some of the world’s best-preserved Viking ships. And truly, where better to learn about the Vikings than in the home of the Vikings?
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And don’t forget, Norway has many more attractions for you to experience than just these four. These are only the most breathtaking and famous attractions.

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