Time of Our Lives at Go Ape in the Cleveland Metroparks in Strongsville, OH

*This review was written by our Contributor Betsie Frohwerk


This ain’t no monkey business! I had the pleasure of experiencing Go Ape in the Cleveland Metroparks in Strongsville, OH with my husband and was completely blown away. We had the time of our lives! It was a three-hour adrenaline rush, full mind and body workout leaving us to finally exhale when a smiling staff member handed us our certificate upon completion. We were so proud of each other that we gladly posed for a picture to document the first truly adventurous thing we’ve done since scuba diving 7 years ago!


Like most people I spoke with prior to going, I knew there would be zip lines. What I didn’t count on were the 42 obstacles, 2 tarzan swings, a spider’s web, and a jungle crossing preceding those extremely long and exhilarating zip lines! There were 5 sections and each one got higher and more difficult. You actually maneuver your way through the “jungle”.


The staff could not have been more lovely. We thought, “When was the last time you saw workers so happy and truly enjoying their jobs? These people love what they do!” Our guide was Maddie and she made it abundantly clear during our 30 minute training session that their motto is “Always Stay Attached”. She tested us in a warm up area (while our feet remained grounded), then set us free in small groups to begin our ascent to the tree top adventure. We took comfort in the fact that we were never alone. There was always a trained staff member on the forest floor to assist when needed. Whether it was a “Come on, you can do this!” or “Slow down, you need to follow procedure.”, help was always available.


I would recommend taking a partner, sibling, or best friend, as this experience will bring out the fear, strength, and best in you! Make sure you read the rules and regulations before signing on the dotted line because this is a serious undertaking. And seriously fun! Go Ape this summer!


For more info, check out https://goape.com/zip-line/mill-stream-run-reservation

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