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Online secondhand clothes retailer thredUP claims to offer “second hand clothes” and “firsthand fun.” As a devoted bargain hunter who is forever looking for the next deal – and always needs wardrobe updates – I decided to give it a try. I started by downloading the thredUP app on to my smart phone. It was streamlined and easy to use and I was impressed by the number of search categories.


As I started looking through the offerings on thredUP, my first thought was, “wow, there’s so much!” I quickly learned that it was better for me to narrow down the search criteria to very specific items. I opted for only items in my chosen sizes as well as those that were either new with tags or “like new.”  I love the option to favorite items and then look at what you’ve selected as favorites to determine which might make the cut for your shopping cart. The app also updates in real time so if something you’ve selected as a favorite has been sold or put in someone else’s cart, you’re immediately notified.


I spent quite a bit of time searching through items that would complement my fall wardrobe but not break the bank! Shoppers have the option of choosing only designer items, but I was looking to make the most of my money. Still, I have to admit I looked specifically for that coveted pair of Tory Burch flats in a size 9. Since I had no luck, I finally settled on four items that fit my price range but also were unique and consistent with my style.


Checkout was easy and hassle-free and all I had to do then was wait for the polka-dot box to arrive on my doorstep! When it did, I was super excited to open it and see if the secondhand items I had ordered truly were in good condition and of course fit me appropriately.


I love the packaging… especially the brightly-colored polka-dot tissue paper inside!


I’m pleased to report that all four of the items fit me perfectly and were in great condition! I especially loved this Greylin embellished sweater… although it wasn’t new with tags, it appears to have hardly been worn. It will be a great asset this holiday season!


I also particularly loved this Pins and Needles pink, finely-knit cardigan. It was quite delicate, and in truth had a little bit of fraying that I had to mend. However, it’s a great piece and I feel that the $31.99 price tag was a steal compared with what I’d pay for a similar new item. With a few quick stitches I fixed the fraying and it’s now like new!


In summary, I loved the experience of shopping with thredUP. My top three tips for any new thredUP shopper would be:

  1. Narrow your search results: Think about what you specifically are looking for and the condition you’re willing to buy. You can also search by price range. I suggest getting as specific as possible though because of the amount of inventory on the site.
  2. Act fast: Items on thredUP move quickly – more than once I saw something I had selected as a “favorite” disappear before I could add it to my shopping cart because someone else snatched it up! So if you see something you can’t live without, don’t delay!
  3. Shop often: New inventory is added all the time to thredUP, so if you don’t initially see something you like, just check again in a few hours! And remember, if you have a closet full of clothing in good condition that you’d like to unload, you may have the option to sell it to thredUP.

Wanna give it a try? Shipping is free for orders over $79! And, I have even better news to share: for a limited time, use the promo code MOMFABFUN to get 50% off entire first time orders of up to $50. Wow! Now that is seriously some firsthand fun.


  1. Love the pieces you picked!

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