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Recently I went back to work part-time. I’m loving it, but it means that I have even less time on my hands these days. Between kids’ activities and the new job and housework, and everything else, just about every hour of the day is spoken for. So when I looked at my closet recently and took stock of my “professional” clothing, most of which hearkens back to pre-parenting days, my first thought was, “when am I going to go shopping?”

Luckily, one has many options when it comes to the Internet and online shopping. Customized clothing shopping has become quite the trend, with brands like Stitch Fix and Trunk Club catching on. I’ve tried both, and have loved the results, but have had my complaints, too. Stitch Fix only sends you five items, which isn’t quite enough. Trunk Club (part of the Nordstrom family) sends you more items, but the price point per item is too high for me.

I’ve written about thredUP before and how much I love the combination of unique, consignment clothing items with affordable prices and the ease of online shopping. Well you can imagine my delight when I learned that thredUP also offers a new, customized clothing delivery service called Goody Boxes!

It didn’t take me long to visit the thredUP web site and submit a quick, personalized profile to receive my first Goody Box. Like other clothing boxes, you are assigned a stylist who uses the information from your profile (and any Pinterest pages you link, which I recommend doing to get better results) to choose items for your box. You can also choose your idea price point (I went with the lowest, $20-$40). Unlike other boxes I’ve tried, you’re only limited to four types of items. I chose jeans, tops, skirts and shorts.

One of the first things I noticed when I opened my box was the number of items! As I mentioned before, Stitch Fix limits you to five items, and Trunk Club usually sends between 10-12. But in this box I received 18, count ’em, 18 items to review! I received a wide assortments of jeans and tops as well as a couple of skirts and a few pairs of shorts. All were in almost-new condition and some even still had the original tags.

Let the trying on commence! It took me a while to try all 18 pieces, but at the end of it all I decided to keep four pieces: a top, a sweater, a skirt and a pair of jeans. The top and sweater will be great items for transitioning to fall, and who doesn’t need a brand-new pair of jeans? Other items either weren’t my style or were too big/small, but I felt that the Goody Box did a great job of providing a wide range of brands and styles while mostly sticking to my initial style profile. Best of all, the price point for each item was incredibly affordable… check out the prices below!

The highest-priced item was only $41.99 and the lowest was $4.99! I ended up spending around $60 for four items, which I found incredibly affordable and much less than I would spend on similar items even at a place like Target.

I’d definitely try a Goody Box again, especially one of the “theme” boxes, which come in versions like Summer Essentials, Tropical Getaway and 9 to 5 Styles. It would be the perfect treat before taking a big vacation or starting a new job.

Visit today to try a Goody Box for yourself! It’s so much fun! You’ll also enjoy free shipping on all orders over $79 and hassle-free returns.


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