The Young Scientists Club – Erupting Volcanoes!

This month we had the opportunity to test another The Young Scientists Club science kit. I recently shared our experience with the magnets kit, so we were “fired up” to test out the volcanoes kit!

As I shared previously, kids who join the Young Scientists Club enjoy 36 different kits that are shipped monthly or bi-monthly (your choice). The order of the kits can be customized and families can keep track of their progress through all the kits via a handy “thermometer” diagram, which subscribers receive when they sign up for the club. Kits include just about everything you need to perform the enclosed experiments, and most additional materials needed can be found around the house.

On a beautiful summer day we decided to conduct our experiment outside. All we needed to get started was an empty two-liter bottle, a tray (we used a cookie sheet), tape and two sheets of construction paper, which were enclosed with the kit. We used these simple materials to create a cone-shaped structure.

Our next task was to build the volcano by applying papier-mache strips to the cone shape. The kit instructed us to create the papier-mache by soaking newspaper strips in a solution of flour and water. We had to improvise a little because a) I didn’t have any newspaper lying around and b) I only had gluten-free flour in the pantry, but paper towels worked great and soon we had a decent volcano structure in place. We set it out in the sun to dry while we had lunch and spent a couple of hours at the pool.

After the papier mache dried, we painted the volcano using the included black paint and brush (we had some additional brushes lying around so that all three of us could help). We decided to let the paint dry during dinner and then after dinner it would be show time!

With a little red food coloring, baking soda and vinegar added inside the bottle, we had the erupting volcano we’d been anticipating all day. My kids loved seeing the volcano in action, especially since they had worked so hard throughout the day to build it and put it together.

As I mentioned previously, these kits are fantastic for having on hand during the long summer months when you have a break in the action and are hearing the choruses of “I’m bored!” Visit the Young Scientists Club web site to learn more about the kits available, to sign up for the subscription service and to view their other products!

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