The Sweet Sounds of Virtuoso Bears

Music is a huge part of my life, and I knew early on I wanted it to be a big part of my kids’ lives, too. We listen to everything from pop to alternative to country to classical, and my children naturally gravitate toward toys that allow them to make or play music. That’s why I love Vosego’s new Virtuoso Plush Bears, which allow kids to learn about music from classical masters while cuddling with an adorable, plush teddy bear!

The Virtuoso Collection includes Amadeus (Mozart) and Ludwig (van Beethoven), with more to come, according to the toy manufacturer, Vosego. Bears are dressed in super cute costumes reminiscent of the famous composers, with their names stitched on their paw. We received Amadeus, and my son was immediately drawn to his shiny, red coat with music note embellishments. Once we unpackaged him and installed three AAA batteries into the small music device tucked into a pocket in the toy’s back, he was ready to go!

Amadeus plays 40 minutes of some of Mozart’s most loved compositions. Volume control and track choice (plus on/off) are easily controlled by squeezing the bear and thus pressing the button on the hidden music device. We also had a handy guide to the songs played by Amadeus on the side of his box:

This toy is a fantastic way to educate children on the classical masters and to enhance their appreciation for these timeless compositions at an early age. And according to the Vosego web site, toys such as these Virtuoso bears have benefits at all stages of child development (as well as for adults!):

  • “For pregnant moms and newborns: Around 24 weeks, baby’s ears in the womb are rapidly developing. Introducing a newborn to classical tunes can brighten their mood, benefit their brain, and build a bond between parent and child.
  • For kids: Encouraging children to learn to play a musical instrument. playing a musical instrument creates new pathways in brain and supports development of spatial reasoning.
  • For adults: Listening to classical music has both mental and physical benefits: from improved sleep to lower stress level.”

Other unique features: each bear has a short biography of its namesake artist included inside the inner pocket. This creates a perfect teachable moment about the man behind the music, prompting kids to want to possibly explore additional composers. Plus, the bears are very easy to clean and can be hand-washed once the music device is removed.

Finally, a toy that makes sounds that doesn’t cause added stress! Both of my children have adopted Amadeus as their new favorite toy… so much so, that I’ve had to institute the “five-minute rule” for them to take turns playing with him. And my son already asked me if he can take him to bed tonight so the soothing music can help him fall asleep.

Want a Virtuoso Bear of your own? Click here to order Amadeus, and here to order Ludwig. Bears are also for sale on Amazon (Amadeus or Ludwig), and available with free two-day Prime shipping for Prime members. Use coupon code FAM3TAT4 for 20% off either bear!

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