The Perfect Gift for Anyone: Rescue Guard Survival Kits

What do you buy anyone that has it all this Christmas? The Rescue Guard Survival Kit!! This kit has everything you need during an emergency and is useful to anyone in your life.

At websites like* and the Red Cross, the message is clear. Everyone needs to be self-sufficient for 3 days or 72 hours in case of a catastrophe. Help or rescue may not arrive until then. Folks who weathered Hurricane Sandy, Harvey or Florence have tales to tell about washed out roads, loss of electricity and evacuations. Having basic supplies that are packed into Rescue Guard Emergency Kit is key in any disaster. It is important to store enough food, water, clothing, and supplies to cover you and your loved ones when disaster hits. Or what about keeping this in your car. You never know if you are stranded somewhere during a cold weather storm or during a car breakdown. These kits are so handy to have.

The Rescue Guard Kit gives you enough food, water, and all the supplies needed during an emergency.

“Chances are you’ll be dealing with extended power outages, washed out roads, and potentially even lack of running water. Emergency personnel work hard to help those affected, but reaching everyone takes time, and some local aid resources may be inoperable or overwhelmed. Everything you need for survival is tucked away in one convenient backpack.”

Choose from three backpacks, now available on Amazon:
Rescue Guard Basic Survival Kit • $49.95
Necessary food and water with a 61-piece First Aid kit and shelter items for up to 6 days for a single person or 72 hours for 2 people.

Rescue Guard Intermediate Survival Kit • $99.95
Food, water, and all the supplies needed including a 61-piece First Aid kit for up to 12 days for a single person or 6 days for 2 people or 72 hours for 4 people.

Rescue Guard Advance Survival Kit • $179.95
This kit tucks everything from the Intermediate Survival Kit into one backpack plus a survival knife.

My Dad is the hardest person to shop for, this Christmas I found him the perfect gift. He is going to love the Rescue Guard Intermediate Survival Kit! You can buy these on Amazon.

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