The Magic School Bus Science Kits: Growing Crazy Crystals

We’ve had so much fun this summer trying out the Young Scientists Club science kits – both the magnets and the volcanoes kit were fun, interactive and educational for my preschool-aged kids. Next up: The Magic School Bus series of science kits and games. These kits do a deep dive into various scientific topics and allow kids to conduct their own experiments using the materials in the kits and common, household items. We decided to try out the Growing Crazy Crystals kit.

The kit includes almost everything you need to conduct several crystal-growing experiments. Anything not included can typically be found around the house (items like table salt, vinegar, baking soda, etc.).

The kit also incorporated characters from the popular Magic School Bus series, which gives it a fun overall tone, especially for children familiar with the show. Experiments are laid out using the scientific method, with a question, hypothesis, methods and blank spaces for little scientists to enter their results and conclusions. The kit also comes with an observation chart where kids can track results over several days and compare/contrast.

We decided to conduct “Ralphie’s Experiment” since we had all of the ingredients needed. This experiment asks, “What kind of method would you use to have salt crystals appear in a bowl with charcoal?” We needed vinegar, salt, food coloring and water, in addition to the charcoal included in the kit.

My kids enjoyed the step-by-step process of performing the experiment, and the steps were all easy for them to do (add charcoal to a bowl, add water, add drops of food coloring, etc.) Below you can see the before and after pictures of our results!

BEFORE (while adding food coloring)

AFTER – We have crystals!

The Magic School Bus Science kits offer many other topics, too, including The Human Body Lab, Space Lab and Engineering Lab (which I’m already adding to my son’s Christmas list!). Kits can be purchased from or The Young Scientists web site.  Get ready to start experimenting!

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