The Macaron Tea Room in Broadview Heights – A Place to “Relax and Indulge Yourself”

I heard how lovely The Macaron Team Room is from a friend, so decided to go there with my mom, mother-in-law, and aunt for lunch.  We were greeted when we walked in by an overwhelmingly beautiful glass case full of amazing macarons and pastries!

As we proceeded to walk to the dining room, we were all enamored by the gorgeous boutique restaurant before us with chic decor including gorgeous crystal chandeliers.

Our table was set with ornate tea cups at our seats, each unique and distinctive.

The extensive menu had many options so there’s something everyone will love!

We each got our own tea pot.  I enjoyed the vanilla tea and my aunt loved the chocolate mint tea.

It was so relaxing to have a break in the day at lunch to sip tea and have great conversation with your family and friends.

Speaking of friends, we ran into a friend from high school who was there with her daughter to celebrate her first day of kindergarten.  What a fun way to celebrate something special or just take time away to spend with your daughter.

When our food arrived, we marveled over the presentation.  We enjoyed the Afternoon Tea which consisted of the following tiers:

My favorite was the Chicken Salad in a Wonton Cup with Fresh Corn and the others at my table loved the Cucumber with Cream Cheese & Chives.

You can choose to sit at a table or enjoy a seat at the tea bar.

My favorite part about the The Macaron Tea Room is that it’s an experience.  It’s not your typical lunch with the girls.  You feel like you’re being pampered and indulging in delicacies you don’t get to enjoy every day.

I’m planning to bring my daughter’s girl scout troop here for lunch because the girls AND the moms would love it!  There’s even a section in the back of the dining room where girls can play dress-up and try on hats for their tea party.

The Macaron Tea Room is a place to “relax and indulge yourself,” and we did just that.  Make sure you check it out if you haven’t been there before to see what you’re missing!

Located in Broadview Heights, The Macaron Tea Room is a full course Tea Room.

For more information, visit

(440) 334-9119

OHIO 44147

TUE – SAT 11-4PM

TUE – SAT 10-6PM

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