Tech Will Save Us Light Racer Kit

My son is six, which means he practically lives on his bike. He’s always been a natural on wheels and skipped straight from the Strider bike to a regular bike – no training wheels! And the flashier the bike, the better – anything with sounds and lights is right up his alley.

When I saw the Tech Will Save Us Light Racer Kit ($24.99), I knew it was the next great thing for my son’s bike. Anything that hits on STEM concepts and features “build your own” elements is another automatic win for my son – and for me as a parent. With this kit, users can assemble two flashing lights for their bike wheels while also learning basic concepts of electricity and electrical engineering.

After opening the kit, I noticed that instead of receiving written directions we were prompted to open the online tutorial on the web site. This turned out to be a fantastic aspect of the kit because the instructions included animated diagrams that were far superior to what could be in a written guide. Plus it kept my son’s attention and I felt he could actually participate and understand the assembly of the light and not just watch me put it together.

As we walked through the instructions together, we learned how to construct the LED light and wireless coil as well as the impact of adding capacitors and how to change colors in the lights. The kit does a great job of explaining technically difficult concepts in simple, straightforward ways. Plus nothing teaches better than a hands-on, DIY project to visually SHOW how wireless electricity works!

Attaching the lights and wireless controller to the bike was also fairly effortless. My son has been riding his bike with the lights on them for a couple of weeks now and they have yet to fall off or impair his riding!

Be sure to check out all of the fantastic Tech Will Save Us STEM kits online! I think we will definitely be checking out one or more of these kits to get us through the last weeks of summer.

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