Tech Will Save Us Electro Guitar Kit

In addition to the Electro Dough kit we received from Tech Will Save Us, we also had a chance to check out one of their newest products: the Electro Guitar Kit ($34.99), which kids can use to build their very own electric guitar and amp from scratch!

The kit comes with pop-out cardboard pieces to build the structure of the guitar, as well as additional parts for the guitar strings and the amp. Kids are instructed to head online to read detailed instructions of each step in the process, as well as watch videos that make the how-to process extremely easy to follow.

My son loves all STEM toys and is also a huge music fan, so this kit appealed to both interests. I did assist him some with the assembly of the guitar itself, but when it came to playing the guitar and experimenting with the amp effects, he was completely hands on.

Like their other products, Tech Will Save Us does a great job of making simple technology and electrical concepts easy to understand for children… and fun! My son has already taken apart and rebuilt the guitar several times and has enjoyed learning about why the sounds work, what causes the amp effects, etc.

My dad used to make me a “guitar” out of a piece of cardboard and rubber band strings and I was happy for hours. This kit takes that simple concept several steps further and is just, in a word, COOL! And, like the other kits, kids can follow steps and experiments to collect badges on their Tech Will Save Us account. Finally, once the guitar is built, kids can learn how to play simple songs (playing along with the web site videos is really fun) and record their playing via an online recorder! This product has a wide range of uses and would be a perfect fit under the Christmas tree this holiday season.

Ready to rock? Visit the Tech Will Save Us site today to buy your own kit… limited quantities still remain!

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