Tech Will Save Us Electro Dough Project Kit

Last summer we had the opportunity to review the Light Racer Kit by the innovative company Tech Will Save Us, creator of intriguing and exciting STEM kits for children. It was a big hit with my son, so I knew that their new Electro Dough Project Kit ($29.99) would be another home run.

Does your kid love Play-doh and learning about science and technology? Then this kit is for you! The Electro Dough project kit comes with five colors of dough, a battery pack, wires and LED lights plus cardboard punch-out pieces to create 20+ projects demonstrating simple circuits and basic electrical concepts.

Projects are fun, easy to assemble and kids end up learning along the way while having fun. Step-by-step instructions for one project are included in the box, but more detailed and extensive instructions can be found on the Tech Will Save Us web site. Here kids can view examples of the projects and watch small videos designed to showcase how they can be built. As kids complete each project, they receive badges online, so there’s a desire to keep going and earn as many badges as possible.

My daughter particularly enjoyed building the “Nessie” project and making the LED lights glow with just a few quick steps. And, because she loves playing with Play-doh and other types of building dough, she was already familiar with making shapes and the pieces/parts that the projects required.

As it explains on the web site, this kit is the “grandmaster of dough kits! An immersive world of conductive dough teaching kids how to build electrical circuits through tactile play. Experience a range of exciting projects designed to let kids get creative with technology. The Kit comes with step-by-step online tutorials for 20+ projects. Let’s dough this!”

Visit the Tech Will Save Us web site to learn more about this and other products! This is a great holiday gift for your creative kid who loves to build things and learn about why they work.

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