Lullabuddy Speaker

I absolutely cannot sleep in silence. We have three fans in our bedroom and almost always they’re on to provide that necessary “white noise” to help me sleep. My children are also accustomed to the sound machines they’ve had in their rooms since they were babies. But what to do when traveling? Hotel rooms can be noisy and unfamiliar, depending on the location, resulting in a restless night’s sleep for all members of the family. Not so with the new {Read More}

Sleep Peacefully with London Johnson Sound Machine With 6 Sounds

It seems like I become a lighter and lighter sleeper as time goes on.  Thunder, birds, lawnmowers, and any other noise outside while I’m trying to sleep can wake me up or keep me up.  Sleep is not something I mess with, because it’s vital to get at least 6-7 hours each night to stay healthy and be able to function at my best.  I decided to see if some white noise could help and I haven’t slept better since!  {Read More}