Kristen Douek Storms Off the Vanderpump Rules Reunion Set

How about that episode of Vanderpump Rules Monday night? Holy smokes. That was some intense reality television. I loved every minute of it. Vanderpump Rules has become a guilty pleasure amongst it’s fans. This show is just crazy. I cannot wait for the reunion next week. Here is a sneak peak. Is Tom dating Ariana now? Anyone in on that gossip? Stay tuned for next weeks episode the reunion of Vanderpump Rules. Monday February 10th at 8:00 pm. This clip {Read More}

Did Kristen Doute Sleep With Jax Taylor? #PumpRules

Talk about the most dramatic episode ever on Bravo! Seriously this may have beaten Teresa in the Real Housewives of New Jersey’s table flipping incident. If you follow Vanderpump rules your know there is always talk about who is sleeping with who? Last night, was no different. It was revealed that Kristen Doute had slept with her best friend Stassi Schroeder’s boyfriend Jax Taylor. Here’s the twist Jax is her boyfriend’s (Tom Sandoval) best friend. I mean Yuck! So who {Read More}

What Big Movie Did Laura Leigh from Vanderpump Rules Book?

Vanderpump Rules Reunion Secrets is airing tonight at 10:00 pm on Bravo. I guess we will get one more dose of the popular show! One secret I was left wondering is what big movie did Laura Leigh book? Fans were shocked to see Laura Leigh quit SUR (Sexy Unique Restaurant), but then she announced that she was quitting because she booked a big movie. This movie is being filmed in North Carolina with Jennifer Aniston, but that is all that {Read More}

Stassi Schroeder’s Diet – Vanderpump Rules

Can you stand it? The Vanderpump Rules reunion is on tonight! I can’t hardly wait. Many people were wondering how Stassi stays in great shape here are a few of her diet secrets. She tries to juice everyday and loves kale, spinach, beets, cucumber, green apples, lemon, & ginger. If she is trying to loose a few pounds she cuts out solid foods and drinks lots of juices and water. Another trick for getting into quick shape is no carbs {Read More}

Vanderpump Rules: What is Jax Secret He Tells Stassi?

So tonight is the season final of Vanderpump Rules, I know I can’t hardly wait. But what is the big secret Jax tells Stassi that absolutely ruins her life? I mean she is a little dramatic so it could be that he did something very small or is it something really big? You know how they like to play up the drama in the sneak peaks. I think it might be that Laura Lee is running around saying she is {Read More}

Stassi Schroeder Before Chin Implant

Vanderpump Rules was fantastic as usual last night. There was lots of drama and lots of shockers! What I found most interesting was the evil Stassi Schroeder revealed she was a goth nerd in high school, that was until she got a chin implant and transformed into a self proclaimed super model. Interesting a chin implant caused this monster. Of course we had to dig up some pictures, and lucky us we found the chinless goth nerd. Enjoy!

Vanderpump Rules: What Does Stassi Stand For?

Vanderpump Rules… Stassi Schroeder: What Does Stassi Stand For? Vanderpump Rules Bravo’s new guilty pleasure! Even my husband will sit in on this Bravo reality show. Talk about drama! Watching this show makes me feel good about being in my mid 30’s. So last night we found out the queen bitch on the show “Stassi” stands for Nastassia. Do you know Stassi was also on The Amazing Race with her family? She looked a little different back then. Check out {Read More}