Give your little Sweathearts a Moosh Moosh for Valentine’s Day!

  Believe it, or not, but Valentine’s Day is around the corner!  It pains me slightly to think of giving my children more candy especially after all of the holiday treats that have been filling the house for months. I like to try to find something that I can give as a small gift to replace candy…but every year that seems to become more difficult…HOWEVER,  I think I have discovered the perfect gift! Moosh-Moosh Pillow Pals!  These ultra-soft and snugly little {Read More}

Soft pinks for Valentine’s Day

There is an awful lot of dreary days in Cleveland, sometimes I feel like the color of my clothes follow the same path as the weather…dull! Well THANK GOODNESS FOR VALENTINE’S DAY!  Yes, I am a dork!  Bring on the color…purples, pinks, blush, red! Since Valentine’s Day is on a Wednesday this year (a day spent with the kiddos making a yummy dinner and exchanging gifts), my husband and I opted for a night out to celebrate last night.  In {Read More}

Valentine’s Chocolate Covered Strawberries (Video)

This is so simple and so delicious! Make Valentine’s for your friends and family fabulous and fun! Chocolate covered! Enjoy! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Homemade Valentine’s Ideas – No Candy

This year for my sons preschool class each kid picks one other child in the class and has to make a homemade valentine. I like the idea of it being made and the kids will have fun making their Valentine and receiving one from another classmate. The rules are: It has to be handmade and no treats. I had to search pinterest to get some inspiration. Here are some of my favorite ideas. I will keep you posted on our {Read More}

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope everyone has a special day! xoxo