SleepyLights Multi-colored Nightlight

Sleep! So elusive for most of us parents. Maybe they don’t go to sleep on time. Maybe they get up during the night. Or maybe they wake up way before your alarm. Of course, like my house, it could be all of the above! Anything that helps with a good night’s sleep is something I’d like to explore more, so I was excited to try the SleepyLights Multi-colored Nightlight. This clever product is more than just your standard nightlight. It {Read More}

Parents Don’t Have to Lose Sleep Anymore with the Big Red Rooster Adorable Puppy Sleep Training Alarm Clock

Sleep is definitely not overrated!  I have always loved my sleep but have to admit that as a parent, especially when your kids are in their own big boy or big girl bed, it can be really challenging to get enough sleep.  It’s difficult at times to get my daughter to stay in her room when it’s not time to wake up yet.  Or should I say it WAS challenging…that is until I found out about the Big Red Rooster {Read More}