Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

I have been hearing for years about the benefits of collagen but hadn’t ever tried it. Then my sister-in-law told me about her friend who is 50 but looks 35 and attests it to taking a scoop of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides in her coffee each morning. I decided to order some and give it a try! What do I have to lose? I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and can see the difference and {Read More}

Vegan Nugget Bites – A Great Source of Protein

I am not vegan, but I am always looking for more ways to find protein to fuel my workouts.  I eat a lot of chicken, fish, eggs, and other types of protein, but we discovered vegan bites a couple of years ago as an additional source of protein.  As you can see from the label below, one serving of vegan bites offers 20 grams of protein.  These vegan bites are made of four simple ingredients: wheat, egg, soybean and coconut {Read More}

Healthy Breakfast – Toast, Avocado, and Hard Boiled Egg

I saw an article where model Rosie Huntington talked about eating toast, avocado, and a hard boiled egg for breakfast, and I decided to try it because it sounded healthy, filling, and I happened to have all of the ingredients at my house. Even though I don’t particularly like to cook, I can make a pretty mean simple breakfast, appetizers, and I’ve been told that I make the world’s greatest salad.  So in other words, if it’s not simple, it’s {Read More}

Protes Protein Chips – Toasted Coconut

Summer is here and we can all benefit from finding a delicious snack that is actually healthy! My husband found these at the store and I couldn’t believe how amazing they tasted AND the nutritional value! I am trying to eat more protein to get the max benefit from my workouts, and these have 15 grams of protein per serving! There are many flavors but I LOVE the Coconut! Description Delightful baked crisps with 15 grams of protein. Gluten {Read More}

What I Ate Today: Tips For Eating Clean During the Week!

I always work out hard and try to eat healthy during the week. The weekends are another story because you can’t be good ALL the time. I’ve been trying to eat really healthy, especially during the week, so that I can see more results from my sweat sessions. I am finding that the most important things are: 1. Avoid cakes, candies, cookies, donuts and pies 2. Avoid white bread (whole wheat is fine with portion control) 3. Eat protein with {Read More}

Isagenix IsaLean Amazing Protein Shakes When I was working out with my sister-in-law, she told me about these new protein shakes she and her husband haven been drinking as a snack and/or for recovery after her workout. They are also used as a weight loss tool, but she has no weight to lose because she is in amazing shape, so they can simply be used as a convenient snack or meal on the go. Just like any shakes, you can add peanut butter, fruit, {Read More}