People Blocks from People Toy Company

People Toy Company has come up with another great imaginative and brain building toy! Check out People Blocks! These creative first-building-blocks are designed to grow as your toddler (and the siblings) flourish through the preschool years. At 12 months old, the large blocks are easy to lift and stack as the hidden magnets allow each piece to “click” with another. At age 2+, tots may notice patterns, colors and angles. This is the best time for them to develop combinations {Read More}

Catch Me If You Can! Lion

The Catch Me If You Can! Lion by People Toy Company is a really fun toy that keeps little ones engaged! The colors are exciting to their eyes and the mane on the lion feels like a taggy blanket that so many babies love to snuggle!       This lion is so fun because you pull the string on the end and he rolls each time you push down on his back. Little ones giggle and are amazed how it {Read More}

Magic Reflection Ball from the People Toy Company

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, thanks People Toy Company for helping us All!!! With their new toy, Magic Reflection Ball, Mom’s everywhere will finally be able to get dinner made or heaven for bid actually GO OUT TO DINNER! This toy suctions to most hard surfaces really well so you don’t have to play the “throw and pick up game” with your little one. The reflection ball is crystal clear which is very intriguing to little faces. They soon began to {Read More}