100 Years of Maternity Fashion

Photo Credit: wikimedia Commons Stylish clothes for expectant moms haven’t always been easy to come by – and women weren’t always keen to show off their baby bumps. Check out this pictorial history to see how maternity fashion has evolved since the turn of the 20th century. Pregnancy is by default associated with female sexuality — so up until the early 20th century, pregnant mothers masked their growing bumps (even while the corsets they wore accentuated their feminine curves!). Those {Read More}

Maternity Essentials from Gap.com + a few other faves

Gap has a very reasonably priced assortment of “essentials” for your maternity wardrobe. Here are few outfits I plan to be wearing in the coming days of spring – perfect for casual office attire, or a weekend out with friends. These key pieces should help you transition easily into summer, and if you’re on my schedule (I’m due in late September), back into the early parts of fall. 1.) 1969 Demi Panel Always Skinny Jean in mint. I just ordered {Read More}

Maternity Fashion Trends 2013

First rule of thumb don’t try and hide being pregnant, it’s hip to be pregnant these days. I know in the beginning it’s rough (are you fat are you pregnant) but by 4 months you should be in the safe zone and ready to flaunt your new baby bump. Today it’s much more fashionable to show off your belly than to hide it under layers of clothes. Some trends to experiment with are: Hippy Chic – Now it the time {Read More}