New Get Qurious Explorer box available!

If you enjoyed the Get Qurious Maker box, which I reviewed earlier this year, get ready for the newest edition: the Explorer box! Promoted as “imaginative play enhanced by augmented reality,” this newest interactive and imaginative activity box encourages you and your children to work together to learn, discover, play and explore, this time with the theme of space travel and adventure. Like the Maker Box, the Explorer Box features four activities for ages 4-8: Build a Story, Mask Play, {Read More}

Get “Qurious”

Smartphones and tablets are clearly here to stay. I’m a fan of tools and activities that embrace the use of these devices, rather than unrealistically coming down on moms for allowing their children too much “screen time.” Kids play differently than I did when I was a child, but imagination and storytelling still reign supreme. Thus I was excited recently to discover the Get Qurious Maker Box, which combines the best of both worlds. Get Qurious is a company that {Read More}