GeoSmart Flip Bot

Toys featuring robotics and STEM components are all the rage these days. GeoSmart’s Flip Bot combines the power of magnetism with robotic building components for a truly unique and customizable remote-control robot experience! The GeoSmart Flip Bot features: STEM-Focused Magnetic Building Patented Double-Locking System for Ultimate Safety New Turbo Motors for Improved Performance Rechargeable Battery for the Motor 30 Colorful, Geometric Pieces   Assembling the Flip Bot didn’t take long and was easily completed using the included diagrams. Plus, the {Read More}


MAGNETIC ATTRACTION: GEOSMART™LUNAR ROVER is a really cool toy that has tons and tons of possibilities for kids of all ages. My boys instantly put together their Lunar Rover from looking at the cover of the box and their imagination took over from there!     Other building toys usually come with step by step instructions which leaves little room for the imagination. This 30-piece magnetic construction set features 5 different geometric shapes and wheels which encouraged their creativity to go {Read More}