Wild Eagle Steaks and Saloon in Broadview Heights, Ohio

We are so excited that the new Wild Eagle Steaks and Saloon just opened in Broadview Heights!  We went there last night for the first time and had a blast!  If you haven’t been there yet, you have to check it out.  We will definitely be repeat customers at this place! Step into a world where food, music, and culture collide to create one of the most memorable nights you’ll ever experience.  There’s a huge game room with everything from video games to {Read More}

Smart Games: Asteroid Escape and Squirrels go Nuts!

Schools (almost) out for summer… which means hordes of kids screaming in delight and just as many crowds of parents panicking: “How am I going to keep them entertained all summer?” Sure, the iPads and on-demand TV shows get you so far, but after a while you get tired of the digital distractions and want something a little more tangible. Plus, what to do when you take that obligatory road trip to the beach or elsewhere? Smart Games has an {Read More}

Top Trumps Match Games and Card Games

Ah, winter. It’s the season of snow, which also means it is the season for SNOW DAYS. The once-loved unexpected holidays of my youth have been replaced with my wondering, “How am I going to keep the kids busy today?” Luckily, I’ve discovered Top Trumps match games and card games, which take all the guesswork out of entertaining kids on those bad weather, stay inside days! The Top Trumps match game is a fun, two-person and two-sided strategy game. The {Read More}

Elmo’s World Hide & Seek Game

My kids love to play hide & seek. At three and four years old, they don’t quite get the concept of staying hidden until someone can find you, but they squeal with delight when they are “found” and when they have to find someone else. That’s why I love Identity Games’ new Elmo’s World Hide & Seek game ($19.99 on Amazon). It builds upon the traditional rules of hide and seek but builds in the popular Sesame Street character known {Read More}