EggMazing Egg Decorating Kit

I love to decorate eggs. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve enjoyed the creative process of mixing different colors together, resulting in varied pastel blends of eggs for the Easter basket. Even the smell of white vinegar gets me excited for Easter! So you can imagine my glee at finding the EggMazing Egg Decorating Kit, which provides Easter aficionados like myself with a new way of decorating colorful Easter eggs. In addition, since it’s easy-to-use and intended for {Read More}

Fun Ideas for Coloring Easter Eggs

Fun Ideas for Decorating Easter Eggs

I think we are going to color Easter Eggs tonight so I am on the hunt for some creative ideas on coloring Easter Eggs. I know it’s a little early but why not and my kids actually like to eat the eggs. Here are some of my favorites! Click on the link below the pictures to get step by step instructions. Kool Aid Eggs 1.) kool-eggs – Kool-Aid Easter Eggs these are beautiful! Rubber Band Eggs 2.) Rubber Band Eggs {Read More}

Hummus Carrot Patches for Easter (Video)

Hummus Carrot Patches. We love this healthy and cute snack. You can serve these for Easter brunch or take them to your child’s school for a healthy snack. These are so cute everyone will enjoy them. Ingredients: • Hummus • Carrots • Parsley • 5 oz Dixie Cups or Terra Cotta pots for a fun look Directions: • For each patch, spoon about 3-5 tablespoons of hummus into each 5-ounce size plastic cup. • Poke a hole in the top of {Read More}

Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter is right around the corner. Why not take some time out for a fun craft with the kids. Kids love crafts and it prepares them for the holiday. We searched the web and found some really cute ideas for crafting with your kids this week. I am no artist so all of these fall into the pretty easy category. These crafts are good for younger kids and only require a few items to purchase and craft with. Enjoy and {Read More}

What’s In the Boys Easter Baskets?

I am trying to get more creative with my Easter Baskets this year. I don’t like to buy a ton of candy because I don’t want the boys eating too much of it. I love Malley’s Chocolates so I will buy a few items from there. It’s a wonderful family owned chocolate company in Cleveland. Here are some other great finds too. If you are looking for more ideas you can always try bubbles, sidewalk chalk, sand toys, playdough, books {Read More}

Visit with The Easter Bunny at Summit Mall

We took the boys to visit this Easter Bunny this weekend at Summit Mall in Akron, Ohio. Ryan who is five was not super excited about it. I think he may be getting over the Easter Bunny. Sean who is three was really excited. You can probably guess from the picture who is who.