My Nails are DISNEY READY!

I am so excited to be on my way to Disney with the family!  I think after a couple visits we may finally have this one down pat!  I’ve packed, organized the house, cleaned, changed sheets and now finally I get to have my shellac manicure…which is a necessity when I am planning any vacation! My manicurist, Lauren, at Charles Scott Crocker Park in Westlake is amazing!!! She is always showing me the most fantastic nail art designs that she {Read More}

One of My Favorite Pictures from My Disney World Vacation

I’m baack! Disney World, Sea World and Universal Studios were fantastic! What a vacation sorry to see it end but it was so much activity even I was getting worn out. Here is my favorite picture from the vacation (ok one of them but it’s so cute) it is my youngest son Sean meeting Mickey for the first time and giving him a great big hug after he got his picture taken. So cute. More about Disney and photos to {Read More}

What To Pack in My Disney World Backpack?

This is our first big family trip. We are going to Disney World next week. I have never packed for 4 people for a week. I am going to start packing soon just so everything is perfect. I am leaving little notes to myself and things keep popping into my head them I write them down, just trying to stay organized. One thing I have been trying to figure out, is how to pack the perfect Disney World Backpack. I {Read More}

Tips for Keeping Children Safe at Disney World

The countdown is on. It is officially 2 weeks till we will be heading off to Disney World. I am so excited and nervous because I have never been there with children. I keep hearing how crowded it is, and to be very cautious of keeping an eye on them. So I have been doing lots of research on how to keep the kids safe at Disney World, here are a few good tips. 1.) Have your children wear bright {Read More}

My Kids Are Bringing Back the Fanny Pack

My Kids are bringing back the fanny pack. What a cruel mom I am, I know. Not really. We are headed to Disney world in April. The first time for my family (the first family vacation actually). I have read that fanny packs are great to take to Disney World for the kids. My sons are 3, and 5 and like to travel with a few things. Especially the 5 year old he actually carries around more cash than I {Read More}