Raw Trainer makes healthy easy…and delicious!

Remember all they hype that came with January and its promises to be more fit, healthy, aware of what is going into your body.  Remember how you were going to food prep on Sunday and have a food plan for your family to help them join the band wagon of the new healthy you?  I do! January is the chance for a fresh start! The motivation is contagious when you go to the gym or talk to your girlfriends.  And {Read More}

FitnessGenes – My DNA Analysis is Complete!

I was so excited to hear that my DNA analysis was complete and could not believe how accurate my results were! I learned so much about myself including details about my diet, exercise, genetics and even which sleep patterns that work best for me. It gave well-informed details about my endurance, speed, and even muscle strength based on my genes. I couldn’t believe that they actually provided information about my blood pressure based on my DNA, especially since high blood {Read More}

Stassi Schroeder’s Diet – Vanderpump Rules

Can you stand it? The Vanderpump Rules reunion is on tonight! I can’t hardly wait. Many people were wondering how Stassi stays in great shape here are a few of her diet secrets. She tries to juice everyday and loves kale, spinach, beets, cucumber, green apples, lemon, & ginger. If she is trying to loose a few pounds she cuts out solid foods and drinks lots of juices and water. Another trick for getting into quick shape is no carbs {Read More}