2 Bubbies Cookies: A Custom Cookie Company in Cleveland

I went to a Summer party over the weekend and had a delicious cookie make by a local baker Cheryl Maurer from 2 Bubbies Cookies. Cheryl’s sugar cookies are truly a work of art. I have never seen cookies quite so elaborate. What makes 2 Bubbies Cookies even better is they are delicious! They are not too sweet and Cheryl uses the best ingredients to make her cookies special. Cookies are a great addition to a party or a nice {Read More}

The Best Christmas Cookie Recipes

A couple of weekends ago I went to a cookie baking party. It was so fun and every cookie we made was delicious! All these recipes remind me of Christmas growing up. We made all the same Christmas cookies my aunt Lois used to make. My aunt took so much pride in her cookies and her cookies were delicious! I looked forward to every Christmas Eve at her house, just so I could eat them. These recipes brought me back {Read More}