What is Oil Pulling?

What is oil pulling? I just started hearing about this a few weeks ago. Of course I had to start googling it and now I am trying to do it every morning. Oil pulling is an ancient folk remedy that can improve oral health as well as provide incredible detox benefits. It helps heal literally everything on or in your body and makes it look better as well. Some things people report from oil pulling: Whiter teeth Prevents cavities and {Read More}

The Many Uses for Coconut Oil

As many of you know I am currently pregnant with baby #2. And, like most pregnant women I am diligently working to prevent stretch marks. During my first pregnancy I used Nature’s Gate Oatmeal Colloidal Body Lotion which was perfect because I have very sensitive skin. But it has approx. 35 listed ingredients, most of them are reputable, but one of them is Canola Oil, which is a major no-no in my book and should be avoided at all costs. {Read More}