Whiffer Sniffers Series 6 Has Arrived!

The Original Whiffer Sniffers is a collectible line of scented plush characters that are available as either backpack clips, larger huggable plush versions, and scratch n’ sniff stickers. Dozens of unique, fun characters have been launched since 2015. Series 6 launched this Spring 2018 and includes a fabulous group of must-haves! Your kids will want to collect them all!   Five new characters join the Whiffer Sniffer family in Series 6, Part 1 ($6.99). Kids will be enchanted by Chill {Read More}

Whiffer Sniffers Series 5 are Awesome Stuffed Animal Backpack Clip Accessories for Boys and Girls

When we went to the bus stop a few weeks ago, all of the kids had these little stuffed animals clipped to their backpacks. One of the little girls had eight of them on her backpack and I wasn’t even sure how she got all of them to fit on it. Come to find, these adorable little stuffed animals are Wiffer Sniffers!https://whiffersniffers.com/ Not only are they adorable but they smell amazing! She immediately started clipping them onto her backpack and {Read More}