The Sweet Sounds of Virtuoso Bears

Music is a huge part of my life, and I knew early on I wanted it to be a big part of my kids’ lives, too. We listen to everything from pop to alternative to country to classical, and my children naturally gravitate toward toys that allow them to make or play music. That’s why I love Vosego’s new Virtuoso Plush Bears, which allow kids to learn about music from classical masters while cuddling with an adorable, plush teddy bear! {Read More}

My Modern Baby Nursery Design

I love to mix and match furniture and home décor from various periods and styles. My husband’s family has a treasure trove of antiques dating back to the late 1800s. In fact I have a rocking bassinet in several pieces from the 1870’s-ish in a box in the basement. I’ve considered having it rebuilt/repaired several times even though it doesn’t meet safety requirements for today’s day. But my son’s great-grandfather, grandmother and my husband himself were all rocked in this {Read More}