Cover Leg Imperfections with Sally Hensen Airbrush Legs

I hate wearing pantyhose!  Tights are just fine.  But even in the fall and winter, sometimes I prefer to go bare legged when I am wearing a formal dress.  Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs are the way to go!  It’s water resistant and gives the illusion that you are wearing hose and can cover leg imperfections including visible veins. You can get it at the local drugstore or amazon.  The one thing I do want to warn you about is that {Read More}

Give your little Sweathearts a Moosh Moosh for Valentine’s Day!

  Believe it, or not, but Valentine’s Day is around the corner!  It pains me slightly to think of giving my children more candy especially after all of the holiday treats that have been filling the house for months. I like to try to find something that I can give as a small gift to replace candy…but every year that seems to become more difficult…HOWEVER,  I think I have discovered the perfect gift! Moosh-Moosh Pillow Pals!  These ultra-soft and snugly little {Read More}

Bedtime cuddles and story wrapped up into one with STORY 2 SLEEP

Bedtime has always been one of my favorite parts of the day.  Are you laughing?  Thinking “of coarse it is…that’s when the children go to bed and you have time for yourself”.  Well…that may be a portion of it (not gonna lie), but more than that it’s an opportunity for me to sit cuddled up with my sweet children in a cozy blanket, smell their clean little heads and read to them.  From the time my kids were only a {Read More}

New Year…New You!! Fashion for a Mom-on-the-GO!

  New Year….New You!! I see this phrase plastered on posters at the gyms, in fitness magazines and, of coarse, the fashion magazines.  I will admit that I eat it UP!  Seeing this phrase motivates me to step up my fitness regime and my sense of style!!  After months of focusing on gift wrapping, entertaining, and cookie making I am ready for a little me therapy.  It doesn’t mean that I had to run out to the store and throw {Read More}

Get Healthy in the New Year with Zoodles

If I can make zoodles, you can too! I have always loved to eat zoodles, but never thought I would make them because it looks like a lot of work…but it’s not! I rarely cook but my friend insisted that zoodles are really easy to make with the Spiral Slicer Spiralizer Complete Bundle – Vegetable Spiralizer and Cutter – Zucchini Pasta Noodle Spaghetti Maker.  It’s only $11.95 on Amazon: She bought me one on her phone right in front of {Read More}

Brik Buster~Holiday 2017’s must-have game…(and more!)

Strictly Briks has come out with one of the neatest games for kiddos 3 and up called BRIK BUSTER! The name alone made my boys squeal with excitement!  This colorful block building and connecting game was a game that all three of children enjoyed!  The object of the game is to construct the building by using the given baseplates and stackable BRIKS. My boys (7 & 9)  they enjoyed figuring out how to construct the building so that it was {Read More}