Sweet Like Candy Pumpkin Seeds!

Sweet Pumpkin Seeds

We carved our pumpkins last night! I was surprised at how much my kids got into it this year. Last year they would not even touch the inside of a pumpkin. Which meant about 5 minutes into carving it was me left in a kitchen to carve 4 pumpkins by myself : ( Well this year was much different. The boys cleaned out their own pumpkins and did an awesome job. They drew their faces and my husband carved them out. So this year it was much more of a team effort.

They loved getting all the pumpkin seeds out too. I said we were going to bake them and eat them. They were pretty excited about that. I wanted them to like them, so I didn’t want to do my usually super spicy pumpkin seeds so I tried a sweeter route this year.

Sweet Like Candy Pumpkin Seeds:

• Lay Cleaned Pumpkin Seeds out on a baking tray
• Pour Pure Maple Syrup on Them
• Season them with Salt
• Sprinkle Cinnamon all over
• Sprinkle Nutmeg all over
• Pour Honey on them to coat
• Mix your mixture well

Then pop them in the oven at 350 degrees for about a 1/2 hour. Keep checking on them with this sweet concoction they can burn so keep your eye on them.

These were by far my best pumpkin seeds. It tasted almost like pumpkin seed brittle. My harshest critics loved them! They were gone last night! Happy Halloween!

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