Summer Fun with The Young Scientists Club – Science on a Tracking Expedition

My daughter loves to do STEM projects and activities, so we were thrilled when The Young Scientists Club – Science on a Tracking Expedition kit arrived!

We enjoyed taking out all of the pieces and parts of the kit and exploring the activity lists.

My daughter loved learning all of the various facts about the animals, especially what animals eat.

After we emptied the contents of the box, we decided to go outside in the nature where the animals live to work on the kit.

The step by step instructions are so easy to follow and it really got her thinking about the different animal sizes and their way of life.

My daughter didn’t know what animal “tracks” were, so I was able to teach her about their prints in the sand or dirt.  It was so fun painting the molds of the animal feet a variety of colors and placing them by the right animal.  Then we put the correlating stickers with the right animal on the poster as well.

We enjoyed using the sand kit to make molds of animal feet for the different animal tracks.  She loves to pour and mix things together!

The Young Scientists Club has won the 2018 Reader Award for the Science Kits and Supplies category from Practical Homeschooling.  The recognition was for the company’s Monthly, delivered right to your door! There are 36 themed kits, ranging from Phases of Matter, Circuits and Electromagnets to Stars and Surface Tension.

The organization said of the award, “Thousands of homeschoolers have cast their votes.  A Practical Homeschooling Reader Award is the highest honor the homeschool community can bestow.  The winners are the products that receive the highest ratings from satisfied users.”

The kits can be ordered at the company’s site—each kit is $11.99 plus $4.95 shipping & handling.

The Young Scientists Club<>. There are three different subscription series:

*   Magic School Bus<> (ages 5+)
*   Clifford<> (ages 3+)
*   The Young Scientists Club<>

There are two licensed brands of retail kits along with house-branded kits, Magic School Bus<> and Clifford<>.

There is also the Funtastic Robotics Series<>, the Adventure Science Series<>, the Nature Series<>, and last but not least, Science Games<>.

Read all about The Young Scientists Club!

Company Name: The Young Scientists Club®, LLC

Mission Statement: To offer children high-quality, science-related products that will fascinate
them with the wonders of scientific discovery and spark an interest in future
scientific endeavors.

Company Snapshot: The company was started in 1999 when Esther Novis (Harvard ’87, A.L.M.
’94) searched for good quality kits that would provide hands-on scientific fun
combined with a true educational science exposure for her own young children.
She found none. The science products that were on the market targeted mostly
older children, mainly boys. She considered them more arts & crafts than real
science. The frustration of not being able to find quality age-appropriate
products led to the genesis of The Young Scientists Club.

New for 2018: A fresh new face for all Magic School Bus kits with graphics from the new
Netflix TV show, introducing a new generation of fans to the longtime favorite

Products: Math and Science Explosion board games, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Magic
School Bus Series sets, Science on a Tracking Expedition, Animal Tracks
Game, Science On A Nature Walk, Science On A Gardening Adventure,
Explore Space & Go Green Mini-Kits, Star Pilot, Science Sets (36), Adventure
Science Series (8), Young Scientists Club Subscription Series, Sci-ology game,
Dig Real Fossils, Magic School Bus science club and TYSC science program

Key Retail Categories: Specialty Toy, Educational, Book and Game

Target Audience: Ages 3 through 12

Awards: Over 120 toy industry awards including:
Canadian Toy Testing Honors
Creative Child — Toy of the Year, Game of the Year
Dr. Toy — 10 Best Educational, 100 Best Children’s Products
Mr. Dad — Father’s Day Seal of Approval
NAPPA Honors Award
National Parenting Center — Seal of Approval
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio — Platinum
Parents’ Choice Foundation
Teacher’s Choice Award

Contact Information For press information, samples and images:
Lisa Orman, KidStuff Public Relations • (608) 767-1102 •
Corporate Office The Young Scientists Club, LLC
PO Box 634
Jamestown, RI 02835
(800) 964-1320
Children are naturally curious about how the world around them works. Unfortunately, for most youngsters
that desire to learn about science is never properly nurtured. And while most of us are not destined to be
Albert Einsteins or Marie Curies, a basic knowledge of science is helpful throughout life. Not to mention, if
taught properly, science is very exciting and dare we say – fun! That’s the consensus of 19 years of alumni of
The Young Scientists Club®.

Started in 1999 by Esther Novis — a Harvard graduate with degrees in biology and a mother of five — The
Young Scientists Club began as a summer science camp for her 5-year-old son. Friends from other parts of
the country teased Novis they felt “cheated” that their kids couldn’t go. So, she packaged the experiments
and sent them off. The idea for a science subscription service was born!

The subscription kits are now mailed monthly to thousands of children around the world. Over time,
educational and toy retailers began requesting science kits tailor-made for their stores and the subscription
science kits were packaged into 12 Science Sets, each with three sequential kits. These sets can be found in
retail stores worldwide and at their online Young Scientists store.

The popular Adventure Science Series, with names like Volcano Madness, evolved from its original Science
Sets. Nature Series such as Science on a Gardening Adventure and Games like Math Explosion followed.

The award-winning titles are best described by Novis as being “fun and engaging hands-on science games,
activities and experiments that are accompanied by age-appropriate information.”

In early 2007, The Young Scientists Club introduced The Magic School Bus themed kits. The inventive
series won multiple awards in its first year including two Parents’ Choice Foundation Awards and a place on
Dr. Toy’s Top 10 Educational Toy List. By 2012 The Magic School Bus Science Club subscription series
was being mailed.

The next year a license with Scholastic’s Clifford the Big Red Dog was introduced, lowering the ageappropriate
science kits to preschoolers. By 2015 the company added over a half dozen kits including
whimsical Clifford’s Kitchen Science and Bubble Science kits for tots as young as 3 years old. Moms and
kids reacted with great enthusiasm and Clifford kits also became available via mail-order subscription.

The company now makes science kits with a sprinkling of art and a focus on robotics evolving to STREAM
subjects. In 2018 the company will put a fresh face on all of its Magic School Bus kits with new graphics
from the new Netflix TV show, introducing a new generation of fan to the longtime favorite show.

Under Novis’ direction, all of The Young Scientist Club’s products are high-quality science kits that provide
hands-on science fun combined with a true educational science exposure. With enticing graphics and easyto-follow
instructions, Young Scientists Club’s products are designed for school-aged children from
preschool to junior high. The sets appeal to both genders as they are developed and tested on target age
children in The Young Scientists Club’s summer science camps.

Every product is created and designed by a team of Harvard graduates, scientists, educators and parents with
one purpose in mind – to combine fun and fascination with quality and learning in every kit and game. For
more information on these edu-taining products, visit

Esther Novis (President and CEO):
Youngsters shouldn’t have to wait until their high school physics class to discover that science is fascinating
thought Esther Novis. Her own youthful fascination took her to Harvard to earn both a bachelor’s and
master’s degree in Biology. So she created a “club” 19 years ago that brings science to the kitchen table in a
whimsical kit for children and tweens.

The success and growth of The Young Scientists Club is due to the extraordinary vision and drive that
President and CEO Novis had for exposing children to her love of all-things-science. As the founder of The
Young Scientists Club, this mother of five and former biologist oversees all company operations including
school, summer camp and retail divisions. In addition to those responsibilities she develops, writes and
designs complete lines of unique and innovative science products for both retail and school customers.

Novis began what has become an illustrious and brilliant career in science at Harvard University where she
received a Bachelor of Arts in Biology in 1987. While working on her BA, Novis received the Harvard Award
for academic excellence and the Elizabeth Agassiz Award for high academic achievement. Following her
tenure at Harvard she attended Thomas Jefferson Medical School in Philadelphia, PA.

Taking a break from her formal education, Novis became a full-time teacher from 1989 until 1994. For 2
years, she taught high school mathematics, science and computer science at The Harvard School, an inner city
school in Chicago, IL. She stayed in Chicago for another 2 years and taught physics, honors chemistry,
computer science and human anatomy and physiology at the Academy of the Sacred Heart.

Her final stint as a formal teacher was spent at the highly respected Phillips Andover Academy in Andover,
MA. While there, she taught several science classes, coached field hockey, squash, tennis, and served as the
house counselor for a dormitory. What makes this accomplishment even more impressive is the fact that while
teaching at Phillips Andover, Novis not only completed her Masters in Biology at Harvard, but also received
the Thomas Small Prize for high academic achievement while doing it.

After completing her master’s work, Novis settled in Jamestown, RI and started her highly popular and very
successful Science Summer Camp and After-School Programs. In these programs, she used her vast teaching
experiences to instruct young children in a complete range of science and math topics.

Encouraged by the overwhelming response and approval by parents, educators and peers to her teaching style
and philosophy, the summer science camps evolved into The Young Scientists Club. Novis uses the feedback
and experiences that she has with the children in her summer camps to create all of The Young Scientists
Club’s products.

In addition to running The Young Scientists Club, this business leader serves as a writer and consultant
nationwide. She recently completed designing and writing experiments for the California Science Curriculum,
published by McGraw Hill Publishing. She has also had articles published in North American Bird Bander,
Indiana Audubon Quarterly and Parents Magazine.

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