Speedy Snack Ideas For Kids!

Do you feel like your kids are “always starving” and there’s nothing to eat? Are you bored with the same old snack ideas in your house? Well, hopefully this puts some taste back in those buds of yours! Try these quick and simple tasty snack ideas:

  • Edamame: Buy in your grocer’s freezer section and steam in the bag in the micro. They can be bought already shelled, but that kinda takes the fun out of it. Add sea salt and enjoy!

photo 4

  • Apples with ground cinnamon: Exactly how it sounds. Delicious and healthy, without making your big kids feel like they are eating baby food.

photo 3

  • Triscuits with cream cheese: It is, what it is. And it’s yummy! Try garlic triscuits with light cream cheese, which is a fave in my house. My niece asks for this specialty during sleepovers.

photo 5

  • Mini PB&J: Self explanatory. Use squeezable jelly for less mess. Take kitchen scissors and cut into fun shapes for something different! Ask your preschooler to name the shapes while they eat.

photo 1 (3)





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