Social Distancing While Enjoying an Outdoor Fire at Home

The weather is finally warming up a bit so we decided to use our outdoor fire pit on our driveway. A lot of people were out walking the neighborhood – some people I have never seen before who are our neighbors that live close by.

It’s important to stay social and positive in these type of circumstancing, but want to ensure there is at least 6 feet in between you and everyone else that is not part of your family at home.

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My neighbor suggested measuring out six feet on the driveway and drawing circles as places for people to stand if by chance they see that you’re having a fire and wander over.

We only had a couple of people stop for a few minutes of social distancing, but it was nice to have the 6 feet areas marked and it gave my daughter something to do that was kind of educations since it required measuring. It’s all about safety right now.

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