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I’ve never had perfect teeth, but I’ve always tried to take good care of them. Twice-yearly dental appointments, twice-a-day brushing and flossing every day (at least when I remember). While I’m grateful that I’ve never had a cavity, I’ve been noticing lately that my teeth have appeared a little less than pearly white. I’m sure this is due to my steady three-cup-a-day coffee habit! Still, it’s a little embarrassing. Especially since my children recently described my teeth as being “yellow.” Yikes.

That’s why I love the Smile Brilliant teeth whitening products! Utilizing tooth whitening trays “backed by science,” Smile Brilliant provides custom-fitted trays and whitening products specified to your personal level of staining and sensitivity. I have sensitive teeth and probably an average amount of staining on my teeth. As the Smile Brilliant web site states, “No one is immune to yellowing teeth as a natural result of diet and age. Our teeth absorb the colors of our food through microscopic pores every day. Removing years of staining results in dramatically whiter teeth and improved confidence. A beautifully whitened smile is a symbol of health and youthfulness. The challenge is getting the professional results you want without wasting time or money on over-the-counter gimmicks.”

Well said, and although I was so excited when I  received my Smile Brilliant package, I do have to admit I was initially skeptical. Still, creating the molds for my trays couldn’t have been easier! Within minutes I had created replicas of my teeth and all I had to do was pop the molds (after they dried) into the postage-provided envelope and in my mailbox.

Within a couple of weeks I had my custom-fit. flexible trays, which, as promised, were a perfect to my teeth. It was now time to start the whitening process.

Each application was simple: I started by brushing my teeth with just water and a toothbrush – no toothpaste. After that I applied a thin line of whitening gel within each tray with the easy-to-use applicator provided with the gel. Then I popped the trays in, made sure they fit against my teeth and waited about 45 minutes to let the gel do its magic. The gel tastes minty and fresh, which is not always the case with whitening products. While I completed chores around the house or played with the kids I could keep the trays in comfortably and without much impact on my speech.

After the whitening process was complete, I removed the trays and took a look. I could definitely tell a difference after just one application! How easy is that? I rinsed the trays and dried them and applied a thin line of desensitization gel, which also comes in the same type of applicator. I wore the trays again for about 15 minutes. This was an important step for me because, as I mentioned, I have very sensitive teeth. As a result, I didn’t experience any heightened sensitivity to my teeth while I was using the Smile Brilliant products!

So, are you ready for the “after” photo?

I saw some significant difference to my teeth after a couple of weeks of using the product. I’ll admit, it was difficult for me to avoid coffee (and the occasional glass of red wine) during those two weeks, so I may have experienced faster results if I had stayed away from those products completely. However, I am very pleased with the results! I saw more of an impact than I have after years of using whitening toothpaste, Crest White Strips and similar products. I’ll definitely continue to use Smile Brilliant, especially when I need a quick touch-up on my teeth to make them look their whitest.

Ready to get started? You can order your own Smile Brilliant teeth whitening kit at the Smile Brilliant web site. Good news: Smile Brilliant allows you to try their system for 45 days to see a difference in your teeth. If you’re not happy with the results, they’ll provide a full refund! And for a limited time, get 20% off your order using the coupon code: momfabfun20.

Finally, enter to win a FREE Smile Brilliant whitening system! Hurry, contest ends on July 13!

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