Smile Brilliant: Make a Lasting Impression

I’ve never had perfect teeth, but I’ve always tried to take good care of them. Twice-yearly dental appointments, twice-a-day brushing and flossing every day (at least when I remember). While I’m grateful that I’ve never had a cavity, I’ve been noticing lately that my teeth have appeared a little less than pearly white. I’m sure this is due to my steady three-cup-a-day coffee habit! Still, it’s a little embarrassing. Especially since my children recently described my teeth as being “yellow.” Yikes.

That’s why I’m really excited to be trying the Smile Brilliant teeth whitening products! Utilizing tooth whitening trays “backed by science,” Smile Brilliant provides custom-fitted trays and whitening products specified to your personal level of staining and sensitivity. I have sensitive teeth and probably an average amount of staining on my teeth. Just last week I received my Smile Brilliant package, and creating the molds for my trays couldn’t have been easier! Within minutes I had created replicas of my teeth and all I had to do was pop the molds (after they dried) into the postage-provided enveloped and in my mailbox.

I start my journey as soon as I receive my trays, and I will keep all of you in the loop as I go! I should see results within just a few weeks, so I’ll be sure to check back with progress. In the meantime, learn more about Smile Brilliant here. #smilefearlessly

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