Smart Games: Asteroid Escape and Squirrels go Nuts!

Schools (almost) out for summer… which means hordes of kids screaming in delight and just as many crowds of parents panicking: “How am I going to keep them entertained all summer?”

Sure, the iPads and on-demand TV shows get you so far, but after a while you get tired of the digital distractions and want something a little more tangible. Plus, what to do when you take that obligatory road trip to the beach or elsewhere? Smart Games has an answer: their new travel-friendly, brain-building logic games for one player.

First up: Squirrels Go Nuts, where players help the squirrels on their tiles get ready for winter by hiding their acorns underground. Players arrange their tiles in numerous iterations on the playing board and place the acorns in front of the squirrels on the tiles. The object is to move the tiles around to get the acorns to fall into the “underground” holes on the play board. My kids loved the “cute squirrels” and having to think through their moves to get the acorns in the right spot. The detail on the playing pieces is impressive.

My daughter loves animals of all kinds, so immediately gravitated to this game. The acorns “rattle” when you shake them, adding another sensory element to the game.

Next up: another new Smart Games offering called Asteroid Escape.

The goal here is to navigate your spaceship out of the asteroid field on the playing board. This is another sliding puzzle game where players slide a tile at a time to accomplish the goal. Like Squirrels go Nuts, the game instructions include direction for dozens of missions in increasing difficulty. My son loves spaceships and airplanes and any flying machine – as well as the concept of space exploration – so this was a great choice for him.

We have a beach vacation planned this summer, which from northeast Ohio means hours and hours of car time. You can bet these games are going with us and will be another diversion not only in the car but in those “in between” hours during the vacation. I love that both games come with dozens of options for game challenges that increase in difficulty as they go along. The focus on logic and brain power is unmistakable and I feel good knowing my kids are “killing time” with toys/games that heighten their brain power.

Squirrels Go Nuts and Asteroid Escape are available on for $14.99 each. Want a chance to win one of the two games? Visit the MomFabFun Facebook page and comment on the related post for a chance to win!

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