SmartGames are fun AND challenging!

Can playing games make you smarter? Some neurologists believe puzzle solving is akin to a good cardio workout for your brain! SmartGames, makers of cognitive skill-building games and puzzles that are really fun, introduces four new games. I definitely found this to be the case when I unwrapped these adorable, yet challenging, games from SmartGames! Ready…..Set……GO Have Fun!



Kids – and adults – that try to decode a game of jumping rabbits and sliding foxes in Jump’in ($14.99) might be in the perfect frame of mind to ace this week’s math test! The object of the game is to move the rabbits and foxes around he game board until all of the rabbits are safe in brown holes. Sounds easy enough, but keep the instruction booklet handy because there are several rules to their movement!


 Kids and adults working on planning, spatial reasoning and problem solving need just open IQ Focus ($9.99) or Temple Connection ($21.99).


In IQ Focus the object of the game is to fit all the pieces on the game board so that the colors of the 9 central squares match what is shown in the challenge which can be found in the instruction booklet. This one proved to be the most challenging for my 8-year-old and myself! The goal of Temple Connection is to place puzzle pieces with roads and bridges on the board to create paths that connect the temples. This game reminded us a lot of putting together Legos or other brick games. It was fun and exciting to see the kids working together to complete the puzzle.

Young children can enjoy a fun mental workout with Snow White ($26.99) but watch out for the evil witch!


This game was the cutest because it came with a play house, dwarfs, an evil witch, and of course, Snow White! The end result is to determine the correct position of all other characters in the house, based on the clues provided in the challenge. My Kindergartener became so thrilled with himself when he correctly solved his first puzzle by checking the solution found in the back of the included booklet. High-fives all around!

Each game came with an extremely detailed instruction booklet, or manual, I would call it. There were options for Starter, Junior, Expert, Master, or Wizard and that really helped the kids decide how to start off without getting overwhelmed. I really liked that the solution for each and every puzzle was easily found in the back of the included booklet so you could give the kids a hint, if needed. IQ Focus proved to be the most challenging and time consuming of the group for my son, but he stuck with it and eventually conquered his chosen puzzle. We have out of town guests staying for a few days around the holidays and I am so glad we have these to keep the kids (and grown ups) occupied! Wouldn’t these games be awesome to have on a rainy/snowy/cold day? How about a day off from school? Or over Thanksgiving/Winter/Spring Break? Give SmartGames as a gift and someone will thank you for providing hours of brain-busting fun!

Find these new games in the coming year at toy stores across the U.S. and online at SmartGames followers can join them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest under SmartGamesUSA.


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