Slime, Slime, Everywhere Slime – Valentine’s Day Slime

I remember back in the day when slime was cool on Nickelodeon tv shows, but it kind of went a way for a while.  It is back with a vengeance!  My daughter is obsessed with slime in every way, shape, and form.  That is ALL she wanted for Christmas this year.

Since it’s cold and snowy here in Cleveland, we have to find activities to keep us entertained indoors.  We love to be outside any chance possible, but this weather is just too cold lately.

My sister-in-law got her liquid starch, clear glue, and shaving cream to make a good slime base.  My niece uses this all of the time and it seems to make a great slime concoction.

We add everything under the sun to our slime from glitter, food coloring, beads, and glow-in-the-dark dye.

For this Valentine’s Day slime, we decided to use red food coloring and pink plastic hearts.  When we are finished mixing, we just store them in plastic zip lock baggies to add to the collection.

Slime projects can entertain your kids for hours!

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