SleepyLights Multi-colored Nightlight

Sleep! So elusive for most of us parents. Maybe they don’t go to sleep on time. Maybe they get up during the night. Or maybe they wake up way before your alarm. Of course, like my house, it could be all of the above! Anything that helps with a good night’s sleep is something I’d like to explore more, so I was excited to try the SleepyLights Multi-colored Nightlight.

This clever product is more than just your standard nightlight. It offers a beautiful image (in our case, a unicorn) that can be highlighted with a variety of colored lights. Beyond that, it is controlled by a remote control, which the kids love to use to explore different effects and colors!

This inventive, ingenious product can be controlled by batteries (included) or the charger (also included). It also can be adjusted to be brighter or dimmer light depending on what your child prefers.

Adjusting the lights and colors is easy for kids to control with the remote. The nightlight can be set at a constant color or on “rainbow” setting where it gradually moves through all the colors. I love the timer setting so it can be on for a small period of time and then turn off once kids are asleep.

We had the unicorn version, but many styles are offered: bear, dinosaur, butterfly, pirate, fairy… anything you could imagine. Only $29.95 via and well worth it! A perfect diversion for the child who is anxious about going to sleep and needs a distraction to relax.

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