The Young Scientists Club – Fun STEAM Science Projects!

The Young Scientists Club has come up with some cool new kits with all the principles of STEM but added the beauty of art, now known in education circles as STEAM. This new series is geared to ages 5 and older and includes, a customized art/science tray plus a large 24 x 24 inch poster. Once the experiment ends, the same poster can be turned into a bedroom gallery!

You can find these STEAM themed kits in specialty stores and online at

All are for ages 5 and up and are $19.99.
· Bubbles
· Crystals
· Explosions
· Rainbows
· Sculptures
· Space

My daughter and I loved playing with the Rainbow kit! You can see how much fun science can be with these awesome experiments! These are just a few of the projects my daughter and I worked on together. We had so much fun and she begged me to do one more when we were finished.

We broke the crayons, heated them in the oven and watched them turn into a rainbow mold. It helped my daughter understand that things can melt at high temperatures.



We made these awesome butterflies by using markers and food coloring on the special paper provided in the kit, and then used the measuring cup to drop water onto the paper so the colors would run.


IMG_6276 (1)

Last, we used pipe cleaners to poke through the paper to make the finishing touches on our butterflies.

IMG_6285 (1)

The flowers were our favorite project!

IMG_6273 (1)

We did the same thing with the paper as we did with the butterflies to make them colorful, and then used the pipe cleaners as the stems once the paper was dry.


We even put them in a vase when we were done for a nice finishing touch.

FullSizeRender (7)


Would you consider innovators Leonardo daVinci and Steve Jobs to be scientists or artists? It’s a debate in which you just can’t pick one field. These two thinkers embraced all the principles of STEM but added the beauty of art, now known in education circles as STEAM. The Young Scientists Club leaps into 2016 with this fusion of fields with their Science-Art Fusion Series six themed kits ($19.99).

For the past 17 years, The Young Scientists Club has put their focus on playful experiments for children as young as preschool. Their brand new Science-Art Fusion Series uses Bubbles, Crystals, Sculptures, Space, Explosions and Rainbows for boys and girls to be inspired to create, while learning basic scientific principles. Construct a DNA Model in Science-Art Fusion Sculptures; perform planet Earth chromatography with Science-Art Fusion Space or impress Mom with a milk color explosion with the instructions from Science-Art Fusion Explosions.

Every themed kit boasts components for creating 10 different experiments. The customized art/science tray keeps all the experiment elements safe in one spot (and not on the kitchen table or floor!) Young Scientists are encouraged to take a photo as each experiment is completed (perhaps wearing a white lab coat?) and then tape the picture on the spot on the poster. When done, a bragging-rights-worthy poster is ready for hanging on a cherished wall.

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